Our Vision


A simpler and better connected banking world

To empower clients by harnessing their banking data; creating value and making a tangible difference for every client we engage.

To become the leading provider of essential banking analytics for organisations globally.


Our Founder’s Story


Brian Weakliam, CEO & Founder, Bankhawk Analytics

Brian Weakliam. The story of Bankhawk Analytics:

I feel passionately that the world needs simpler banking systems and better information for bank customers.
I spent the early part of my career in banking where I had the opportunity to lead a team that built some great software. During that time I learnt a lot about the global banking network and saw great opportunities for companies to streamline their banking activity and generate large savings.Seeing banking systems from the inside, I realised that the global banking system was too complex and provided poor information for customers. I could also see that banking data actually contained really valuable insights if properly harnessed.

In 2009, with my younger brother Joe and Xin Zuo (both Computer Science PhD’s) on board, we raised investment to build software to help companies to streamline their banking activity. We built a banking analytics system using real clients and real data and found big savings for our customers.

We designed Bankhawk365 based on engagement and feedback from our corporate clients and the opportunities we were seeing. We worked with companies like Aon, Axa, Allianz, AIG, Mercer, Travelex and three of the Big 4 accountancy firms. We realised that we had a product that could not only deliver large savings in banking costs, but could also provide really valuable business intelligence.

It became clear to us that the market for software was changing and that a ‘cloud based’ product would be more efficient for our customers.

Working closely with SAP (the world’s largest supplier of business software) we reengineered our product for the cloud. In June 2014 we demonstrated a beta version and won the ‘most transformative’ award (from a field of 1900 companies) at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando Florida, SAP’s main annual business conference.

We are fortunate to have a great team who share the vision of a better connected banking world. We try hard to help our customers to simplify their banking activity and better manage their businesses and their cash.

We see huge changes in banking over the next five years and believe that Bankhawk365 will provide companies with the best way to capitalise on that change and become more successful.

Our Partners


Bankhawk have been addressing and rectifying the problems of corporate banking. We lead in invention, development and delivery of the most advanced banking analytics that empower companies to optimise their banking arrangements. We have built up strong partnerships with SAP, IBM, Oracle, Accenture, EY, KPMG and PwC Global Treasury.  

PwC Global Treasury

Award Winning


Bankhawk Analytics Winner of

SAP ® Startup Focus Award in the Category

Most Transformative

at SAPPHIRE ® NOW 2014

Our Team

Brian Weakliam
Brian Weakliam
CEO & Founder
Mon O'Driscoll
Mon O'Driscoll
Dr. Joe Weakliam
Dr. Joe Weakliam
Chief Operating Officer & Founder
Martin McCool
Martin McCool
Senior Software Architect
Martin Leen
Martin Leen
Data Scientist
Andrew Feely
Andrew Feely
Data Aggregation Engineer
Irina Borovik
Irina Borovik
Financial Analyst
Fergus Crowe
Fergus Crowe
Financial Analyst

Our Customers of Bankhawk Analytics and Bankhawk365

Some of our customers who we have helped harness the power of their Banking data with Bankhawk Analytics

Aer Lingus
The Doyle Collection
Brown Thomas
Advent Fairfax Company
Mainstream Renewable Power
Bord Gáis
Dublin City Council
Bord Na Móna
University College Dublin
National Roads Authority
University College Cork
Green Isle
NUI Maynooth