Reduce your Banking Costs

Using bankhawk365 you can validate your bank fees, uncover and rectify hidden banking costs, and benchmark and reduce your bank fees and credit card acquiring costs.

Reporting Automation

bankhawk365 delivers high performance banking analytics, replacing manual spreadsheets, to allow you to manage your banking more efficiently, saving you considerable time and effort.

Banking Intelligence

Access Business Intelligence from your bank data. Banking data can be harnessed to generate business intelligence that can deliver powerful insights into your business.

Cost Saving Tool



You can access KPIs (generated from your raw banking data) via bankhawk365’s dashboard to empower you to reduce your costs.

KPIs linked to your average return on funds, cost of funds, transaction costs, bank risk, liquidity and merchant acquiring charges can be accessed.

KPIs use Bankhawk’s benchmark database to identify cost savings.



Powerful Filtering & Grouping

bankhawk365 allows you to search, filter and group bank transaction data from different banks and business divisions. You can search for single or multiple bank transactions by account, currency, bank or region.

Validate Your Bank Fees

bankhawk365 calculates the total volume and amount of each transaction cost item and validates your total bank costs against figures in your fee advices and general ledger to ensure that there is no overcharging by your bank(s).

Benchmark Your Banking

Bankhawk Analytics has amassed a powerful benchmark database of bank fees, interest rates and FX rates that is constantly updated to capture the very latest market information. bankhawk365 provides you with best in class comparison which can be used to generate material cost savings.

Analyse Your Banking At Transaction Level

bankhawk365 allows you to drill down into your banking from business unit level to transaction level. All transaction records are categorized into predefined and customized groups, providing high-level overviews down to a single transaction level.

Access Live Transactions and Balance Window

bankhawk365 gives you a window to your finance where all your data is accessible from a single location with all your latest transactions presented on a daily basis. You can view individual or group balances for today or for any historical period.

Warehouse Your Banking Data

bankhawk365 provides a centralized database for recording all of your historical bank transaction records across every one of your accounts, banks and currencies. All bank records are stored in a standardized format to support the delivery of bank data analytics.

Business Insights



What can your banking data tell you about your business? Bank data is under utilized by businesses.

When bank data is analysed in the right way it becomes a very valuable source of business intelligence.

bankhawk365 will analyse your bank data to generate insights into your banking activities that can be leveraged to free up valuable resources for your business.

The power of banking data can be transformative for your business intelligence systems.



Spotting Trends in Big Data

bankhawk365 can help you to realize value from large banking data sets. By integrating banking data with intelligent banking analytics, you can take advantage of powerful predictive analytics, reducing the time to realize value from big data.

Monitor Your Funds Risk

bankhawk365 applies a bank risk rating to your funds on an ongoing basis. This ensures that your bank funds are always safe and compliant with the guidelines outlined in your treasury policy.

Integrate Your Treasury Policy

bankhawk365 provides you with treasury policy templates for you to customize to your requirements and apply to your funds. bankhawk365 allows you to link your treasury policy to alerts to give you greater ongoing control of your bank funds.

Reconcile Your Bank Accounts

bankhawk365 supports fast and accurate bank reconciliation using its powerful categorization engine to analyse the raw bank transaction data.

Generic Grouping

bankhawk365 allows generic, customizable structures for clients to group transactional records. Generic Grouping provides a solution for standard reporting for different financial units of global corporations.

Uncover Your Hidden Costs

bankhawk365’s categorization engine isolates every bank charge item from the raw bank data and analyses these charges to identify your hidden bank costs.

Automate Your Bank Reporting



bankhawk365’s online reporting allows you to quickly and easily generate analytics reports on any aspect of your banking. You can create customised reports by selecting particular accounts, analytics modules and time periods.

You can schedule customized reports to be run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly on different sets of accounts, across different parts of your banking.

You can view reports on different devices and print in PDF format.



Customize Your Alerts

bankhawk365 allows you to set your own alerts to ensure that you can monitor different aspects of your banking on an ongoing basis. You can customize alerts related to:

  • Risk monitoring
  • Transaction types and amounts
  • Changes in the market
  • Link alerts to you treasury policy.

Talk To The Market

bankhawk365 has built a database of market information to enrich our predictive analytics. You can access external data sources including:

  • Interest rates
  • Unemployment
  • Weather and more

Incorporating externalities gives your business more powerful insights into your banking and financial activity.

Modelling Your Banking Data To Build Better Forecasting

bankhawk365 can help you to forecast your financial requirements using your existing bank data and applying time-series models to your banking data. Forecasting can be run on banking data only or by integrating external market data and statistical information.

Automate Time-Series Reporting

You can schedule customized reports to be run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly on different sets of accounts, across different parts of your banking. You can view reports on different devices and print in PDF format.

Customizable Templates

Customers can create customized reports based on specific time-series, grouping of accounts or analytics module. bankhawk365 allows customers to build reports that are responsive to their own business specific KPIs.

Advanced Reporting

bankhawk365 also provides you with advanced bespoke reports to meet your specific requirements. These reports can employ Bankhawk analysts’ expertise to provide input.




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