Transform Financial Management

Bankhawk provides Analytics Technology, Market Intelligence and Banking and Payments expertise to put finance executives in control



Reduce Banking and Payment Costs
Understand what is driving your bank charges.

Benchmark the level of costs against the market.

Reduce Merchant Acquiring Costs
Understand how your merchant acquiring costs are calculated.

Analyse and benchmark transaction pricing.

Discover how to reduce overall costs.

Recover Merchant Card Overcharges
Establish if you have been overcharged.
Determine the size of your potential claim.
Secure a refund from the card schemes.
Optimise Interest Margin

Analyse daily banking activity to increase interest revenue and reduce interest costs.

Reduce FX Margin Costs
Analyse FX activity.

Understand interest margins.

Benchmark FX costs against the market.

Accelerate Cash Flow
Measure the speed of your cash flow.

Understand how to accelerate the flow of cash in your business.

Unlock cash trapped in your banking system with Bankhawk Analytics.

Improve Governance and Reduce Risk
Understand how to monitor your funds risk.

Integrate your Treasury Policy 

Gain control of your banking by setting up Customised Alerts with Bankhawk Analytics

Automate your Bank Reporting
Optimise how and when you receive customised reports on your banking.

Automatic Time-Series reporting or on-demand reports.

Add Advanced Reporting with Bankhawk Analytics


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