Cutting Legacy Costs in Mobile Operators


My company helps B2C organisations to streamline the cost of servicing their customers. Working in particular with large retailers and global hotel groups we have seen how the cost of engaging with customers has been reduced by tens of millions by deploying best practice. Cost AnalysisOther sectors have much to learn from what has been achieved.

Working with mobile operators it is clear that they pay too much for distribution to consumers and collecting payments. In a time of escalating costs it is difficult to continue to generate profits when the prices of some services such as prepay topup are fixed.

In my experience working with mobile operators, when the correct strategy is deployed, the cost of payments and third party commissions can be reduced by as much as half.

Mobile operator services are essentially digital services and their distribution should be very low cost. However, most operators continue to deploy expensive ways to engage with their customers (like topping up a pre-pay phone in a shop). Many of the distribution arrangements date back many years and are no longer appropriate.

Many of these costs are either hidden in consumer transactions or it is perceived that it is very difficult to negotiate sufficiently improved terms with incumbent suppliers. Using decades of experience Bankhawk can help to uncover hidden costs, provide benchmarking and devise strategies for mobile operators to address unsustainable legacy commercial arrangements.

Payment companies, including Visa and Mastercard, have a poor track record when it comes to applying correct charges in accordance with the contract terms and in accordance with regulations. Often historical overcharges are uncovered providing an unexpected windfall.

Bankhawk can work with individual mobile operators to estimate the size of the opportunity. We will be in attendance at the Arch Summit in Luxembourg and will be available to meet from Tuesday 26th October to Thursday 28th October to meet you.

Brian Weakliam, Founder & CEO