Join us at SAP TechEd 2013 Amsterdam

Bankhawk Analytics is pleased to announce that we will be demonstrating our groundbreaking banking analytics software, bankhawk365, at the SAP TechEd 2013 event in Amsterdam being held from Tuesday 5th November 2013 to Thursday 7thNovember 2013 in the RAI Convention Centre.

Bankhawk Analytics has a globally unique system which analyses the banking activity of companies and helps them to generate large ongoing savings. Using Bankhawk Analytics companies can:

  • Unlock cash trapped in the banking system
  • Streamline their financial activity
  • Uncover hidden banking costs
  • Improve control of their cash
  • Generate large ongoing savings

Using bankhawk365, Bankhawk Analytics have been able to provide clients:

  • A typical ROI of 500% over three years
  • Unlocked cash: €20k per €1m
  • Idle cash released: €30k per €1m

See how to reduce the cost and complexity of your banking

Why not join us for our two Expert Networking Sessions or contact us to arrange a demonstration of our groundbreaking solution?

Bankhawk Analytics will be hosting two Networking Sessions during TechEd around our new way of looking at banking. In these sessions we will present the problems companies have in getting key information from their banking and we will demonstrate how Bankhawk Analytics solves these problems. We will also demonstrate bankhawk365 and show how it can be used to identify problem areas in your banking.

Session One: Bankhawk Analytics – A new way of looking at banking

Date: Wednesday 6th November
Time: 15:30 to 16:30
Location: RAI Convention Centre, Lounge 2, Hall 8

Bankhawk Analytics have developed a new way of looking at banking. Our globally unique system provides large corporates with an independent analysis of their banking arrangements, generating savings, benchmarking and unlocking trapped and idle cash.

Session Two: bankhawk365 – A new way of looking at banking

Date: Thursday 7th November
Time: 15:30 to 16:30
Location: RAI Convention Centre, Lounge 2, Hall 8

Bankhawk Analytics will demonstrate how bankhawk365 helps corporates to, identify large ongoing savings, identify trapped and idle cash and benchmark corporate banking. Utilising the speed of SAP HANA, bankhawk365 can provide analytics in an instant.